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Registered Physiotherapist

Following her graduation from the University of Waterloo, Inderjeet (Indy) Takhar went on to obtain a Masters of Physiotherapy at McMaster University, where she also received an award for her Outstanding Research. 

Today, Takhar specializes in working on the hands, the upper extremity, neurofunctional acupuncture and neurokinetic therapy. Beyond her specializations, she has taken a number of courses over the past few years and is able to offer techniques such as custom splinting, NKT and scar and wound management. As of February 2018, she has begun teaching Occupational Therapy students on how to properly assess hands.

Takhar prefers to take a holistic approach to her work, looking at both the physical body and the person as a whole. Her treatment style varies to accommodate each client’s mental, physical and emotional needs. She strongly believes that education plays a crucial role in the treatment process, and makes sure each patient fully understands what is going on with her or her body so they can make informed decisions. 

Takhar was attracted to physiotherapy as a profession because she finds joy in being able to help people. Because the mental, physical and emotional challenges of each patient differ, she finds that no day is ever the same and that she is always learning. 

Outside of work, Takhar enjoys hiking, cooking and traveling to her next big adventure. 


Registered Massage Therapist

Angie Downing graduated from the Canadian College of Massage in 2004, and has since continued training in complementary treatments such as reflexology, heated stone massage, thermal palms and AromaTouch, a technique that uses doTERRA Essential oils for their added massage benefits.

Growing up, Downing was an athlete who was naturally fascinated by the body and how it worked. After meeting a RMT in the gym where she worked, Downing became inspired to pursue massage therapy professionally as a way to help people feel their best in their bodies.

Today, Downing is a proud wellness advocate who is committed to patient healing and promoting natural health solutions. She works using individualized treatments to target everything from shoulder tension to chronic pain for her clients.

Downing strongly encourages her patients to decrease stress in their personal lives, as she believes that stress and bad posture are two of the biggest adversaries to health and well-being.

HITEN THAKKER, BPT, Msc (Rehab Science), COMT (Aus)

Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Gunn IMS Practitioner, Gokavit Transverse Technique practitioner (GTT)

Hiten Thakker holds a Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences from McMaster University. He is certified in Acupuncture, Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance, Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Certified GUNN IMS, Certified Gokovi Transverse Technique specializing in chronic pain. 

He has received a Program Excellence Award from the Faculty of Health Science Graduate Program and Postdoctoral Studies, and is currently a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division.

In addition to his formal education and professional accolades, Thakker has a passion for treating pain, as well as understanding the biopsychosocial aspect of it. He is excited by the continued expansion of this field, which challenge and motivates him to work harder and achieve better outcomes for his patients. 

Thakker’s practice favors a holistic approach that looks beyond structural diagnosis to provide a full context of the patient. His treatment is complemented by the use of methods such as yoga and medical acupuncture, as he attempts to treat both mind and body to achieve physical relief and meaningful functional change. 

In his personal life, Thakker enjoys travel, yoga and reading Hindu Philosophy, which allows him to explore the deeper aspects of life and meditation. 


Registered Occupational Therapist

Isabelle Ramsay is a Queens University graduate (1991) who now specializes in rehabilitation of the hand and wrist. She belongs to both the Canadian and American Society of Hand Therapists, organizations committed to improving the rehabilitation of the upper extremity through promoting quality of care and sharing information amongst each other.
When it comes to her treatment style, Ramsay focuses on providing her clients timely and professional care. Following an ethos of “knowledge is empowerment,” Ramsay pays particular attention to detail and is always striving to further understand the complexity of hand injuries and their subsequent healing.
In her spare time, Ramsay is a CrossFit enthusiast who enjoys traveling the world and spending quality time with her Goldendoodle pup, Riley.


Registered Kinesiologist & Fascial Stretch

Noelle Monteiro obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology through the University of Waterloo before continuing her studies with the CHEK Institute, where she trained to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Practitioner (Level 2).
Her professional areas of interest include Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance, Fascial Stretch Therapy (she is also a registered Fascial Stretch Therapist) and Postural Correction.
Monteiro first became interested physiotherapy through her participation in triathlons and long-distance running. After completing her first marathon at age 15, Monteiro was hooked.
Learning about the training, recovery and injury prevention that came along with endurance competitions motivated her to study Kinesiology, but it was while working with her patients that Monteiro discovered the importance of rest and quality over quantity. Following this breakthrough, Monteiro took the time to incorporate holistic training into her practice, starting with relaxation, nutrition and tai chi.
Monteiro’s treatment style now focuses on movement, using stretching and breathing techniques to promote and restore balance in the body. She aims to motivate and inspire her clients with each session, encouraging a positive outlook when it comes to maintaining treatment at home.
When she’s not reading or studying material related to her work, Monteiro enjoys strength training, yoga, learning new recipes and of course, tai chi.