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Getting You Back To Your Optimal Self

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We Are Excited To Be Getting Back To Work And Helping You With All Your Aches And Pains

We have resumed regular business hours and have implemented new policies to ensure the safety of our staff and our community.

We Are Here To Help

Our team of professionals will create an individualized treatment plan that best suits your specific situation.


Experienced Therapists

Meet one-on-one with one of our experienced therapist to assess your injuries and build a custom treatment plan for you.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Come in for a warm welcome from our staff. Any questions? They would be happy to help.


No Referral Necessary

Ache's and pain's got you down? Skip the long waits for a doctor's referral. You don't need a referral to see a physiotherapist.

Our Services

Our therapists help you get back to being you.

If you have an ankle sprain, shoulder pain or any physical injury, our therapists can help. Our team of registered professionals will begin by assessing your individual condition and work with you to set up reasonable and attainable goals for your rehabilitation needs. They will educate you on your body’s current needs and then tailor a treatment plan to ensure you return to being you.


We offer outstanding physiotherapy, focused on care and rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist will help educate and build an individualized treatment plan with you.

Hand Therapy

Our physiotherapists are specifically trained in hand therapy. They will help with conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, fractures and much more. The physiotherapists can also create custom splints or use tape to help stabilize, rest and protect your joints.


We create customs splints and braces as well as off-the-shelf splints. Our highly skilled hand therapist will assess your hands needs and determine what the most appropriate splint is for you.


Our Acupuncturist uses Traditional Chinese Acupuncture to help treat physical, mental, and emotional conditions. From anxiety and back pain to digestive disorders there are acupoints to help with all types of ailments.

Registered Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massage therapy treatments for rehabilitation and stress reduction. Swedish massage, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Thermal Palms and Hydrotherapy.

Registered Dietitian

Registered Dietitians are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice about your food, diet and nutrition. They use the best available evidence, coupled with good judgment, to make personalized recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

Our Recent Articles

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