Life Coaching & Energy Healing

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Life coaching is about bringing awareness to where you are in your life and where you want to be.  It helps you to bridge the gap between the two, using tools and modalities to help you go inward, to ask the right questions and shed some light on what might be holding you back.  

Energy healing is tapping into your energy to see where it might be stuck and restricted, using your energy centres (chakras) as a guide.  Each energy centre is associated with emotions, traumas, fears and doubts and by tuning into these we can identify where you are stuck and what can be done to clear and release the blockage of energy.  Clearing the blockages will help you get better clarity, feel lighter in your body, feel empowered with insights on your life today and how to move forward.

Combining the two brings you to a deeper level of healing and sustainability.

Benefits of life coaching & energy healing

Deepening your healing and transformation: If you find yourself always living in your head, overthinking, trying to figure things out, trapped in stories and limiting beliefs, this is for you.  Together we will uncover what is holding you back and what is not working in your life. We will get clear on your values and your purpose and make sure you are in alignment with yourself in order to dive deeper within.

Strengthening your intuition: If you don’t listen to your intuition or don’t know how it communicates with you, we will go in and activate this part of yourself.  You will learn how to start working with your inner wisdom and let your guidance system lead you. We will spend some time here to really uncover the emotions that drive you. 

Embodying confidence: Are you always looking for validation & acceptance, comparing yourself to others, doubting yourself and living in fear? Together we will work on your self-image, identify your gifts and consciously create your reality by choosing new beliefs that inspire and empower you to re-write your story to one that sets your soul on fire and embody the beautiful soul you want to be.

Connecting to yourself and your body: If you feel like something is missing, you feel disconnected from yourself, frustrated, disappointed, always chasing the next best thing, I will help you to reconnect to your body and your higher self.   We will remove the layers that keep you stuck and make way for your authentic self to emerge.

Let’s get beyond the thinking mind into the energy of who you are.


Customized plan

Each session is developed and tailored to your specific needs working with your vision and your goals.   It will include a combination of intuitive insights, energy clearing & healing, intuitive coaching, somatic practices, visualization, meditation and sound healing.  These modalities will touch the whole self, healing on the body, mind, heart & soul level.  You will leave the session feeling lighter, more relaxed, empowered with insights on your life today and how to move forward.

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